Ministry Schedule



Ministry Schedule


Ball (Home Missions)

Buerer (Children’s Bible Clubs)

Lehman’s (Special)

Davis’ (Germany)

Facenda’s (South Korea)

Perrott’s (Restricted)

Speight’s (Brazil)

Wokaty (TEAM Mobile Seminary)

Wokaty Ministry Update

Counseling Ministries

SRBC’s offers Biblical counseling as a ministry. There is no charge for this service. Our counseling ministry is led by Sal Nolfo.  He has taught for twenty plus years, and has an earned doctorate degree.  He is certified in Biblical Counseling by the Association of Certified Biblical Counselors (2001).  He was the director of the Women’s and Family Division at a triangle rescue mission. Sal’s wife, Marge, is also a Biblical Counselor and has helped women, children, and families. She has worked with young children in a children’s ministry, and has taught ladies in a weekly Bible Study. Together they have counseled people from all across the nation for many years. You will find that God’s Word is sufficient to address all areas of life. Hope starts with a personal relationship with Christ.


Military Counseling

Whether you are active duty, former military, or retired from the service, God has real answers that can help you face issues that still follow you after you finish serving your country. Today’s service men and women struggle with life and a growing number have chosen tragically to end their lives. God offers His grace and His sufficient Word to help you find real answers that will impact your life on this earth and in eternity.


Premarital/Marital Counseling

In the beginning God created man and woman. He blessed and gifted them with marriage. Today’s world bring many challenges to marriage. God chose marriage as a picture of His relationship of Christ and the church. It is important for you and your spouse to live in such a way that world sees Christ in your life. Marriage can be a place of continual blessing and joy.


Disabled/Handicapped Counseling

Whatever terms society labels you, the Bible says you are special to God. Your value comes from what He place upon your life. We do not always understand what God permits, but we do know that God’s love and grace is promised to be persistent and sufficient. Listen to the testimonies of these individuals who have learned to trust God:

Tabitha Brown –
Special Education Needs (includes resource page)

Family/Crisis Counseling

God created the family. The family faces many challenges. Only God has the answers to reconcile these problems. Children are a blessing and heritage of the Lord. God not only encourages, but enables you to start a family. God desires that all of your relationships be right with one another in the family. The most important relationship is first with God. Through Christ, God the Father adopts you into His family. He makes available to you all His promises and principles that will help you to bring up your children in the nurture and admonition of the Lord. 


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